2001 Audiobook – Arthur C. Clarke

2001 A Space Odyssey Audiobook – Arthur C. Clarke

2001 A Space Odyssey
2001 Audiobook – Arthur C. Clarke



The unique 2001: A Space Odyssey was created by Arthur C. Clarke in the year 1968. The book is the outcome of the collective effort of both Arthur C. Clarke and also Stanley Kubrick yet just Clarke appears as the writer of the book.

The story is based on a short story released by Clarke entitled Guard of Eternity published in 1951. The tale was modified and also merged with various other ideas as well as it developed into the unique 2001: A space Odyssey.

The film 2001: A Space Odyssey appeared in the year 1968 as well as the novel was created at the same time when the movie was filmed. In 1982, a follow up of guide was published as well as a few years later on, guide was made into a movie as well. 2001 Audiobook – Arthur C. Clarke Stream. Two other books complied with however they were not adjusted to movie. The novel offers a history story to the centerpieces that take place in the year 2001 and also it main styles focuses on the advantages as well as risks of using innovation, area travel and also expert system. Human-like robotics as well as various other technological advancements are not always represented as declaring and are presented as putting the life of the average people in danger.

The majority of the action taking place in the novel occurs in space and in the future imagined by the author, the body is likewise influenced by the new growths in such a way that there is a large distinction between those who resided on earth and also those that were raised precede.

While there are some differences in between the motion picture and the novel, both are taken into consideration standards. Clarke is acclaimed for his work both as a movie script author and as a novel writer.

The Kindle variation of this publication was cleanly formatted without any obvious typos, making this a pleasant analysis experience in picture mode. I did observe there were some concerns with not permitting columns for reading in landscape setting on my iPad, however I choose portrait setting to reading and also it was great with that.

Onto the real book:

Having actually seen the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey many years ago and being blown away by just how effective it was, as well as also a little bit scared by it. I loved the method it narrated without necessarily discussing whatever, and truly allowing one’s very own imagination to fill in some of the gaps. Recognizing that there was additionally a novel, I had actually always intended to read it, but never got around to it … upon seeing this Kindle version on sale, I determined to try.

First of all, it was really interesting reading Arthur C. Clarke’s intro at the start. Occasionally I do not like reading such introductions since they either rather ruin guide you will review or do not include a whole lot, but this was an interesting read for somebody that had seen the movie but not yet check out the story. I really did not recognize that both the movie script and also book were composed at the same time … making this a really unique pair as generally one comes before the various other … so although this isn’t a story that just came before a movie like numerous are, or a novelization of a movie that had been made (which is commonly not worth the moment of day to check out), it is a novel written by a great sci-fi writer influenced by the collaboration of writing the screenplay with Stanley Kubrick.

Much of guide is really similar to the movie, but the way it is written includes numerous details without being bogged down … this is a very hectic read. The writing is focused on the big picture more so than the characters, however the primary personalities associated with each individual section get fleshed out all right that it is really gripping to check out.

Being written before we would certainly ever before also arrived on the moon, it’s outstanding just how well this tale stands the test of time. 2001 Audio Book Online. I appreciate tales including space travel as well as a great deal of times the period something is written can sometimes take you out of the tale by laughable principles or dated scientific research. The feeling I got from this reading was that it explained points in such a way that do not date the technology being discussed in any way that damages the general tale. Although 2001 is 14 years before the writing of this evaluation and also clearly many of the innovations and also events leading up to this details tale have not occurred yet or are various than actual history, it is fascinating on a few of things that are part of our truth currently … beyond that, this is full of what happens if related to our own existence within a vast cosmos.

I absolutely recommend this reading, whether or not you’ve seen the movie and whether you intend to check out the remainder of the series. I likely will eventually, however this publication is wonderful as a stand-alone title.