Duma Key Audiobook – Stephen King (A Novel)




Edgar Freemantle is a well-off, 57 year old professional who loses his best arm in an accident at a job website. Edgar starts to battle a spells of craze during his long recuperation that cause his other half to leave him. Clinically depressed and also suicidal, Edgar takes the guidance of his shrink, Dr. Kamen, to “transform his scenery” from Minnesota to Duma Secret, a tiny, virtually deserted island off of Florida’s gulf coastline.

Edgar rental fees “Huge Pink” an unusual residence on the north part of the small island where Edgar begins to explore his interest in art. He feels almost compelled to attract as well as repaint, an obsession he connects to a phantom arm or leg experience he has in his right arm. Duma Key Audiobook. Edgar’s youngest as well as beloved little girl Ilse sees Edgar soon after he arrives to assist bring him from his covering. While exploring the island Ilse is bewildered by health issues as they approach the southern half of the key; a place with uncommonly dense development. Ilse leaves, taking among Edgar’s paintings with her, and also Edgar fulfills the just other citizens of the island that live down the beach from him; Elizabeth Eastlake, an eccentric old woman who hails Duma Trick, and also her caretaker Electrician. Elizabeth alerts him that Duma Key has never been an excellent location for children.

Electrician as well as Edgar come to be fast friends and also Edgar learns of Wireman’s own past in which he aimed to kill himself, yet made it through with a bullet in his head. Like Edgar, Electrician appeared to be almost attracted to the secret. As Edgar’s art skill grows his paintings begin to tackle a mystical quality. Edgar’s is able to “see” events that are transpiring, including his ex-wife’s event with his old close friend and Ilse’s lovemaking. He likewise illustrates of a wraith in a red bathrobe which he does not show any person. The power grows as does his phantom limb feelings, and Edgar is able to effect the outdoors with his painting, an ability he makes use of to eliminate a kid murderer, as well as to get rid of the bullet from Electrician’s head.

Wireman prompts Edgar to reveal his paintings to a gallery in Sarasota, and the owners are extremely impressed with his skill. His work catches the eye of Mary, a long time Florida art doubter. With his conversations with Mary, and his relationship with Electrician, Edgar begins to find out of the strange past of Elizabeth Eastlake and also her 5 sis that survived on Duma Key with their papa and caretaker (Nan Melda) in the 1920’s. Duma Key Audiobook Listen Online. Edgar starts to become consumed with paint photos showcasing a terrifying ship with black sails, which Edgar really feels is a ship of the dead. He paints himself into a daze one evening during which he experiences an awful specter of a set of lengthy dead twin ladies that go into Huge Pink. Comprehending that the vision is genuine Edgar and Wireman begin to unravel the enigma of Elizabeth’s past. Elizabeth asks Edgar if he has begun to repaint the ship yet?

Edgar’s work is shown at a gallery sale which is a smashing success, up until Elizabeth Eastlake reacts strongly to the ship pictures. She passes away of a stroke as well as Edgar comes to be convinced that Elizabeth herself was an artist. With the help of Jack, a college man Edgar employs to assist him run duties, Edgar and Electrician uncover a stockpile of Elizabeth’s old pictures at her house. Edgar is able to make use of the psychic capabilities his phantom limb affords him to “feeling” the events that occurred in Elizabeth’s childhood years. Elizabeth was a kid art natural born player, who experienced a poor injury at the age of 2. After the mishap she started to draw outstanding pictures that started to materialize themselves in the real life, including a significant frog with fangs and also a living lawn jockey. Ultimately, her doll starts to tell her just what to attract and Elizabeth triggers a little cyclone with her art that reveals a hidden treasure off the shore which her dad discovers. Among the prize is a small china doll that Elizabeth demands having.

As Edgar tries to reveal more of the mystery of Elizabeth’s past utilizing his very own talents he discovers that Perse, an ancient siren who is embodied by the china doll utilized Elizabeth and her skills to leave the gulf and gather hearts to serve her. It is her ship that Edgar is painting, as well as she is the red robed wraith in Edgar’s drawing. Upon learning this he comes down the staircases of Large Pink to discover the ship awaiting him simply off shore. He is assaulted by a wraith through a dead man, long ago lost mixed-up. As the wraith tries to drag Edgar to the ship, Electrician intervenes and also is able to drive the wraith off utilizing a silver candle holder.

Understanding that Perse has actually also used him, and also the special psychic capacity his phantom limb has actually triggered, Edgar attempts to keep his paints out of the hands of his loved ones that went to the galley. He is far too late to save Dr. Kamen and also one more old close friend who had actually checked out the gallery as well as they are mysteriously killed. Edgar assumes he has actually saved Ilse by offering her burn the painting she took. However, the art doubter, Mary, acquired one of the ship paintings as well as Perse utilizes it to manage Mary, as well as send her to Rhode Island where she sinks Ilse in her very own tub. Perse does this to punish Edgar and his meddling. Sorrow struck, Edgar draws an Ilse in the sand beyond Huge Pink.

Realizing that the trick to beating Perse exists at the old Eastlake estate on the southern part of the island, Edgar, Electrician, and Jack travel there looking for the final clues. Duma Key Audiobook Download Free. There they experience a lot of the strange symptoms from Elizabeth’s artwork, and well as, a 12 foot alligator sent out to stop them, (which Electrician deals with a handgun). The trio locate Elizabeth’s old doll, as well as they learn that Nan Melda, the Eastlakes; housekeeper, understood Elizabeth’s power and found out about Perse. Perse penalized them in the 1920’s by sinking Elizabeth’s 6 years of age twin sisters by driving them right into the sea using the huge frog from Elizabeth’s paintings. The dead twins are after that made use of by Perse to entice the fiancee of the oldest sis (Emery) to his death in the Gulf. Nan Melda adheres to the oldest sister to the beach with the Elizabeth’s father since the oldest sis is following. There they experience the currently dead doubles, Emery, and also the red robbed Perse on the deck of her ship. Nan Melda has the ability to hold off the wraiths utilizing her silver braclets as Perse looks on, however the papa accidently kills the earliest daughter as well as Nan Melda utilizing a spear weapon. The disturbance functions though and Elizabeth traps the china doll standing for Perse in a keg full of fresh water, which Perse could not impact since she originates from the sea (salt water).

Understanding they need to locate the doll, the trio find an old well having the remains of the earliest sibling as well as Nan Melda, as well as, the keg which has leaked completely dry. The trio race versus the sundown, as Edgar attempts to keep the doll in a waterproof flashlight filled with fresh water. As night drops, the doubles as well as Emery strike Jack and also Wireman that have the ability to hold them off using silver spear pointers drawn from the Eastlake house, as Edgar catches the doll with Perse talking in his mind during. Edgar prospers, yet he takes the silver braclets of Nan Melda’s from the well knowing it is not over.

With Perse trapped the triad head back to the various other end of the island. Edgar recognizes he needs to encounter his last satanic force alone so he walks back to Big Pink along the beach with the flashlight. He encounters Ilse that has actually manifested from the sand art that Edgar did earlier. Edgar sees the ship of the dead waiting, as well as understands that this is the last of Perse’s tricks.

Wireman as well as Edgar keep the flashlight in a water limited silver container, and drop into right into a really deep Minnesota fresh water lake. Guide finishes with Edgar taking a seat to painting his last image; a typhoon ruining Duma Secret.

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