A Feast for Crows Audiobook – George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire)



A Banquet for Crows is the 4th novel in George R. R. Martin’s impressive dream collection, “A Song of Ice and Fire.” When the previous book, A Tornado of Swords, finished, Tyrion Lannister eliminated his dad, Tywin. Lord Tywin Lannister had actually not only been just one of the most effective lords in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros however had actually likewise been the “Hand of the King,” one of the most powerful participant of King Tommen’s tiny council. Given That King Tommen is still a child, Tywin had been real leader of the Westeros. A Feast for Crows Audiobook. Currently, his obligations fall to his little girl, Cersei Lannister, the Queen Regent of Westeros.

Like her daddy, Cersei is shrewd as well as manipulative, though she lacks Tywin’s judgment. She is likewise deeply paranoid of any hazard to her rule, not to mention the lives of her children, and also she is haunted by a prediction she was informed as a girl: that a younger as well as a lot more attractive queen would certainly replace her and also take every little thing she loves. When A Banquet for Crows begins, Cersei is awoken in the middle of the evening and also is told of her dad’s death. She strolls to the Tower of the Hand as well as uncovers, to her irritation, that she was not even the initial person told of the Hand’s murder. She has actually been preceded by her double sibling, the Lord Commander of the King’s Guard, Jaime.

The court at King’s Landing holds a funeral in Lord Tywin’s honor, one that is messed up by the solid aroma of Tywin’s decay. Cersei rages throughout the funeral. Her son, King Tommen, weeps before his lords, and Tommen’s betrothed, the lovely and also widely appreciated Margaery of House Tyrell, puts on a program of mourning, though Cersei does not think it. A Feast for Crows Audiobook Free. Checking out her father’s remains, the Queen Regent deals with to rule the world to ensure that Tywin will certainly be born in mind not as a wonderful Hand of the King and even as a wonderful lord, however rather as the papa of Queen Cersei.

Cersei readies to function removing her opponents. She allows Margaery to joined Tommen for sending her father, Mace Tyrell, the Lord of Highgarden, and also his militaries away to fight the king’s continuing to be adversaries. Just a few castles still oppose the Lannisters from the Battle of the Five Kings– Dragonmount, Tornado’s End, and Riverrun– and also Tyrell and his armies are tasked with attacking the initial 2. Although Cersei attempts to have her Uncle Kevan become her Hand, he rejects unless she leaves King’s Landing. Cersei denies these terms, as well as is pleased to see Kevan leave King’s Touchdown with his boy, Lancel. Cersei is refused once more by Jaime, that reminds her of the Kingsguard’s oaths. Cersei is particularly exasperated given that Jaime actually killed the very first king he had actually sworn to secure, and also considering that she as well as Jaime had been enthusiasts. Tommen is in reality Jaime’s child, though his power derives from Cersei’s marriage to the deceased king, Robert Baratheon. Spited, Cersei wastes little time prior to she burns down the Tower of the Hand and also increases small lords, ones that she really feels could not endanger her, to the King’s “Tiny Council.” She also sends out Jaime into the Riverlands to finish the siege of Riverrun. Bordered by minor lords, Cersei appears to have actually protected her power. Information of Cersei’s actions quickly begins to spread out throughout the world.

The Vale, situated in the East of Westeros, has actually long been ruled by the House of Arryn. Lord Robert Arryn is a sickly child that is small for his age and also suffers from the “shaking illness.” The Vale is actually ruled by Lord Petyr Baelish, or “Littlefinger,” that had wed Robert’s mother Lysa prior to killing her and also blaming it on a vocalist. Littlefinger additionally takes care of Sansa Stark, the successor to the North, whom he works off as his “all-natural” little girl, “Alayne,” seemingly to shield her. Littlefinger impersonates Sansa’s dad, yet he always asks Sansa to “kiss her dad,” whining about exactly how devoted her kisses are. Littlefinger had enjoyed Sansa’s mother, as well as shows up to have transferred his sensations to Sansa. A Feast for Crows Audiobook Listen Online. He informs Sansa that once he has actually secured power in the Vale, he will certainly reveal her real identity and also ask the lords of the East to win the North for her. Littlefinger might create a suspicious guardian of Robert as well as Sansa, yet in comparison to Cersei, he is a really talented politician. He quickly stops the lords that resist his policy of the Vale.

The Vale is not the only part of the realm to endure upheaval. In the deep south of Westeros, the people of Dorne demand vengeance of their lord, Prince Doran. In the previous book, Doran’s bro, Prince Oberyn, the Red Viper, died in battle protecting Tyrion Lannister versus Gregor Clegane. Doran experiences gout, and he hides his weak point by ruling from the Water Gardens rather than at the court at Sunspear. Doran’s daughter, Arianne, runs the court at Sunspear, an important job since Princess Myrcella is remaining there. Arianne, nevertheless, desires revenge for Royal prince Oberyn’s death, as well as she hatches a scheme to crown Myrcella and also invade the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Her plot falls short and also she is locked up. However, when she finally is provided an audience with her papa, she finds out that Doran does imply to exact revenge on the Lannisters. He has in truth been conspiring to support the return of Daenerys Targaryen, the rightful Queen of Westeros.

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