The Long Walk Audiobook – Stephen King

The Long Walk Audiobook – Stephen King

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The Long Walk Audiobook



Raymond Davis Garraty arrives in a safeguarded parking area with his mom in a blue Ford that resembles “a tiny exhausted pet dog after a tough run.” The guard fetches Garraty’s info as well as allows them to enter. Garraty’s mommy asks why the guard does not return the card and also – except the first time – says she does not like it. Garraty is putting on a fatigue jacket against the springtime cool. Garraty, watching a guard consume c-rations, reconsiders that it’s real, that he’s really here, which he’s really amongst the area of walkers, however, for the first time, the thought carries weight.

He is just one of a hundred children, none older compared to eighteen, who are strolling for the Prize – every little thing his heart desires. The stroll is completed when just one walker remains. The Long Walk Audiobook. There is no second prize. All must stroll at least 4 miles each hour. When a pedestrian drops below that rate, he is cautioned. Thirty secs later on comes a 2nd caution and then a third. The ultimatum is the ticket – death by the soldiers who secure the pedestrians. The Major looks after the beginning and end of the stroll and puts in appearances at numerous points in the process.

Garraty quickly gets in touch with numerous of the children, including McVries. When McVries is virtually gotten rid of at an early stage, it’s Garraty that intervenes and also McVries later on returns the support. Though he pledges he won’t aid again, it’s McVries who maintains Garraty from encountering the group to his girlfriend, Jan, a move that would have ended in Garraty’s death.

Through the heat of the days, the chill of the nights and also the most awful rainstorm Mother earth can think up, the young boys walk, falling off one at a time. The Long Walk Audiobook Listen Online. Many come down with leg aches, harming feet or simply the inability to proceed moving at the pace of 4 miles per hr. Others freak with the knowledge that there’s no other way out and also from the thought of those who have currently fallen.

As they get in the fourth day as well as the final miles of this specific walk, there are seven left, after that three – Garraty, McVries as well as a loner, named Stebbins, that has actually shown no indicators of weakening. It’s only then that Garraty as well as McVries find out the awful reality – Stebbins is the Major’s illegitimate boy. The Major knows of the kinship as well as Stebbins’ heart desire is to be identified by his dad. When McVries could stroll no farther, he simply sits, leaving the various other two to take place alone. When Garraty understands that he just cannot go on either, he has the need to inform Stebbins and places all his last strength into catching up. That’s when he understands that Stebbins is falling short as well as well as he suddenly drops over dead, the soldiers firing into his body as if to be specific. Garraty, with the roadway currently to himself, sees the dark number ahead and also wonders who is there. He reflects over the field of kids that started the race as well as understands it should be just one of them, however can’t be certain which. The Long Walk Audiobook Download Free.And when somebody touches his shoulder for the second time, he pulls from a reserve he believed long gone and also runs to catch up, nevertheless, there are several miles yet to stroll.